Water station is at half way point of trail.

A granola bar will be provided to each runner at the finish line.



DIRECTIONS/PARKING:  From I-5, exit #206 and head East on 172nd (WA-531). Turn left on 51st and then take the first left. Follow signs to park in the grassy area north of  Stillaguamish Athletic Club.


PLEASE do not drive through Stillaguamish Athletic Club parking lot to get to parking and registration. Thank you!


Race starts at 9:00AM on August 5, 2017

Registration begins at 7:45AM and ends at 8:45.

Please arrive with plenty of time to get your shirt and sign in.




Course Map


Race Directions

The 5k is an out and back course.
• From the START/FINISH gate run north on the gravel trail.
• Take the first right onto another gravel trail keeping the flag pendants on your right side.
• Continue on the gravel trail following the tree line on your left.
• Follow the flag pennants and merge onto the paved airport trail keeping the cone on your left side.
• Proceed on the paved trail paralleling Airport Boulevard passing mile marker 1
• At the end of Airport Boulevard you will turn right and safely across Airport Boulevard staying in the crosswalk and pick up the gravel section of the airport trail on the east side of Airport Boulevard.
• At the 5k Turn-Around and water station, run around the cone and head back towards Airport Boulevard.
• Safely cross Airport Boulevard staying in the crosswalk and pick up the paved section of the airport trail on the west side of Airport Boulevard.
• Proceed along Airport Boulevard on the paved section of the airport trail passing mile marker 2
• You will turn at the flag pennants and run on the gravel trail following the tree line on your right.
• You will pass another section of flag pennants and turn left, keeping the flag pennants on your left.

The course is measured at 5,000 meters according to USATF standards. I made 2 GPS measurements of
this course measuring 4.96 km and 4.97 km. Please note, GPS measurements are very unreliable
and can differ significantly.
Measured by: Jon Hatfield, Arlington, WA December 2, 2015.
Calibration Course: WA12040MN
Map not to scale.



Strollers are welcome! Please remember to stay to the right except to pass.


Babies in strollers are free unless you want a t-shirt, then you need to register:). Thanks!



A HUGE Thank You to Stillaguamish Athletic Club (SAC on the map) for allowing us to use their restrooms. Please be sure to go to the restroom early so you don't miss the start of the race!

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